Here is an article about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. For years on end now, we have received from the Western lying pro-Zionist media on, and only one message: the Palestinians (as the picture of the young Palestinian boy whose poor Palestinian mother was killed by the Israeli “victims” and whose home was destroyed), are continue pictured as “dangerous terrorists” while Israel only “defends” itself. Shame on the Western lying media and to hell with all those cowardly Western politicians who are telling us that “Israel has a right to defend itself” (including Dutch Premier, Mark Rutte with his bunch of truth-haters)!….

Fig Trees and Vineyards


By Thomas L. Are

I had two nightmares last night.

In the first, I was watching a boxing match between a “defender” and a “terrorist”.  The defender was wearing brass knuckles, carried a club, wore a helmet and danced freely around the ring. On the other side, the terrorist had only one arm, was forced to stay within a six foot circle, had no head protection, and was about a tenth the size of the defender.  To top it off, the referee was the defender’s Uncle Sam.

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