Nowadays there is a lot of commotion about Brazilian President Rousseff, Petrobras, and corruption. But what is really going on? Here is a story about the “how” and the “why”….

Wide Awake Gentile

brazil-protest-cro_2592985kBrazillian Protesters being used for Kosher Games

Brazil has been facing political storm since early 2015 . At first it may appear to be a normal political process in a active democracy but if one adds up a few events and the background of some of the key figures there does seem to be truth in the allegation of an unofficial coup

The Rothschild establishment in Brazil favored a politician called Marina Silva  The Western Press made much of her but she lost out in the first round itself and Rousseff was reelected President on 26th October 2014  after defeating Aécio Neves, of the PSDB.

Both Marina Marina Silva  and Aécio Neves  have ties with “Rothschild’s fourth son” MárioGarnero a banker and owner of Brasilinvest Group

garneiro“Rothschild’s Fourth Son” and Political Ring Master Mario Garnero

Behind the Rousseff Presidency there is a Zionist Jew Jacques Wagner  Wagner…

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