Do you Curse Jesus Christ and His Living Saints?

It’s about time to become free from the false Judeo-Christian heresies of preachers who defend godless and wicked Israel by claiming that he who “bless Israel, will be blessed by God.” In fact, this doctrine is a doctrine of devils. Besides this, this heresy has remarkable simmilarities with, o yes…the Word of Faith Movement (WoF) For example: Bless the WoF-preacher by giving him your money and you will receive the amount of money you gave to him threefold back. However, if you are very critical of the teachings of the WoF-preachers, then, you will be punished by God. Now, look at what they teach about Israel and the Jewish people: give to Israel (via one or more Christian Zionist organizations) and you will receive the amount of money you gave, threefold back. However, if you are very critical of the heresies ot the WoF Movement, you will be punished by God! So, the WoF doctrine and the WoF doctrine are both materialistic of nature and are earthly (carnal) minded….

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Hi folks.

Has your Judaized Pastor, Preacher, Reverand, Most Reverand Reverand, Most Holy Reverand,  “father”, Televangelist or Minsiter, etc.,  taught you from the jew manufactured Scofield Commentary Babble to Curse Christ Jesus and the Lord’s living Saints? The “Replacement Theology of the ribeyes (Jesus said call no man rabbi) of Satan’s religion of Judaism, which replaced the Creator from the beginning.

How then can you or them be grafted back into the TRUE VINE?

Whoa there, before you leave saying “what nonsense” hear me out.

In today’s  Judaized false church and mainly evangelical, Baptist and Catholic circles, the Scofield Judaizer’s parroting this unbiblical hocus pocus is prevalent, in that the teaching of Genesis 12 pertains to jews who BTW, deny the creator Jesus Christ. Yet your shepherds teach this hogwash to you and you have willingly accepted it and will take it with you to the abyss of eternal damnation…

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