The ICC Will Not Prosecute Tony Blair, Others are Planning To

Today (Jly 6 2016), the Chilcot Inquiry Report was released. It strongly condemned former Premier of Britain, Tony Blair. However, the International Criminal Court (ICC), will likely not prosecute Blair for his responsebility and part of the illegal and desastreus Iraq war….

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[ Ed. note – I have a feeling the Chilcot Inquiry report, due out tomorrow, is not going to be what a lot of people had hoped, and as noted by Felicity Arbuthnot in the article below, the International Criminal Court is unlikely to take any action against him in any event. Of course, the ICC is rather a disgrace. War criminals who have killed millions, rather than just a few thousands, seem forever immune from its prosecutions. And yes–interesting interpretation of international law the ICC gives in the article below!!! Soldiers who commit war crimes are fair game, it seems, but the criminal leaders who gave them their orders can’t be prosecuted “retrospectively.” How convenient. If Blair is to undergo any type of criminal prosecution it presumably will have to be in Britain or possibly Scotland. ]

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