We know by now that the so-called “Russian Revolution” was, in fact, a Jewish Revolution. Now, what would be happened if the Russian people had taken their stand against those Bolshevist security agents who went out at night to arrest everyone who was deemed a ‘counter-revolutionary”?  They chose to sit down, with a pale face, frightened for the terrorists of the secret Soviet police, the Tsjeka. Yes, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, said, we didn’t love freedom enough. Yes, if we had taken axes, hammers, pokers other whatever else was at hand, they would quickly have had a shortage of manpower and transport. But they didn’t do that. They were very scared for the Tsjeka. So, they chose to do nothing instead, while numerous innocent Russian were arrested and taken away. Initially, immediately after the revolution of 1917, they gave themselves up to an unbridled, emotional joy, thinking they were free at last. Later on, however, the death camps, (the Gulags), torture chambers emerged. And then it appeared that the new (Talmudic-Jewish) regime was more terrible than everything of which what they had experienced before! In the month of October this year, 2017, it will be exactly hundred years ago, when the Jewish Revolution had taken place. And every year since the year of 1989 (the fall of the Berlin Wall), the German reunification is commemorated. But … when will be the millions and millions of innocent victims of Jewish Red Terror commemorated?

The term, “his countrymen” here, is somewhat misplaced as Yagoda the millions of helpless victims where he was responsible for, were considered as “Goyim” cattle) because they were non-Jews. He himself and his fellow-Jews, however, were according to their own Talmud, a superior and chosen race. And that’s why the Russians were not “his countrymen.”

Ton Nuiten – Sunday 7 July 2017.

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