The Tories’ Racist Mantra: ‘All Jews/israelis (apartheid state) Are Superior and Good: All Arabs/Palestinians Are Inferior and Bad’

The Tories & Israel: Israel is good, Palestinians are bad. Talmudic translation: Jews are called “men”, Gentiles are called “beasts”…

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The Tories’ Racist Mantra: ‘All Jews/Israelis Are Superior and Good: All Arabs/Palestinians Are Inferior and Bad’

By Hans Stehling

That is all too often the racist mantra among Conservative MPs, certain individuals and communities, leaders, teachers and members of the clergy.  This is the often unspoken position also in our parliament here in Britain where it is considered politically correct, if not essential, to be a member of the over-active Friends of Israel Lobbies in Westminster – that is if you want to be any part of the governing elite. 

Then you must be willing also to denigrate anything and anyone who has the audacity to criticise the eleven year-old blockade against a 1.8 million civilian population in Gaza who are deprived of essential goods, services, water, electricity and medicines by the Israeli government headed by Likud Zionist extremist, Binyamin Netanyahu, in its failed attempt at regime change.


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