WearsWar Review ‘Gaza: An Inquest Into Its Martyrdom’ By Norman Finkelstein. Is It Really 18 Months To Their Genocide?

WEARS WAR on the Lies, Liars & WW2

Gaza is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. Its current 1.8 million inhabitants are crowded into a sliver of land 25 miles long and five miles wide….on the present trajectory, “Gaza will be unliveable” in 2020.

gaza open air prison

Gaza: An Inquest Into Its Martyrdom Book Review

Gaza: An Inquest Into Its Martyrdom by Norman G. Finkelstein is a thoroughly researched book which describes the hopeless plight of the residents of Gaza. Finkelstein describes Gaza as an “open-air prison” with the Israeli warden in charge.[1] Finkelstein writes in regard to the human rights reportage on Gaza:

      The sheer number of human rights reports could by now fill a medium-size library; they have generally upheld exacting standards of accuracy, and they record a ghastly tale of suffering and misery, on the one hand, and criminal excess and heartlessness, on the other. But they have been largely ignored outside…

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