The social kingship of Christ, and the Jewish problem for authentic Christians

This is a must read for everyone who wants to know the truth of Jewish power in America. Are Christian Zionists really authentic Christians? Well, read on.


Curiously, in the US, many millions of Christians unquestioningly support all things related to Jews and to Israel, even sending money to various “charities” that direct their contributions to Israel and/or to “poor” Jews (such as the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, which only benefits Jews, and “Chosen People Ministries”).  Yet, most of these same Christians, who are concerned with various moral and social issues, and hold to traditional Christian positions on these “controversial” hot button issues of today (such as abortion (in all its forms), homosexuality, so-called “gay” or same sex marriage, godless morally nihilistic hedonism (including rampant sexual activity outside of marriage), etc.), fail to see that the Jews are diametrically opposed to their Christian views and actively work to undermine our traditional Christian morals in society.  (We, and other authors and bloggers, have addressed this issue before.  Revolutionary Jews are driven to remake societies around the…

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