Big Pharma & Vaccines: My Response to “LyndaDi.” on Facebook.

Here is my response to Lynda Di” who had placed a short video clip, entitled, “What if We Stopped Vaccinations?” It would be a good thing to watch the short video clip on vaccines on the Facebook page of LyndaDi first before reading this.

“Nice video! But wouldn’t be better if we would stop believing in medical conspiracy theories which have it that vaccines don’t cause autism? And that man who was supposedly discredited, wasn’t D. Andrew Wakefield? Yes, he is. But what no one of the medical establishment has told us is was that Wakefield’ s excellent reputation was destroyed by (father) Big Pharma! Why? Because Dr. Wakefield had during a medical investigation of a couple of children suspected that vaccine could potentially cause autism. Note this: It was just his suspicion, so, it was not yet a fact! After that, Wakefield urged for more profound research. And what was the result? (father) Big Pharma began to move against him; by a false report, Wakefield’s reputation was as said destroyed. 

The next thing I like to talk about is research for the successful treatment of cancer, the most dreaded illness of our time. Now, already for many, many years on end, there are vast sums of money put in circulation for a search for a cure of cancer. We are speaking here of billions of dollars (and euro’s for that matter!) And even today, there is not even one medicine discovered with which cancer can be cured! So, the real question must be: How long will it take for (father) Big Pharma before he has discovered a treatment which will be really successful? Answer: it will probably never happen as long it is in a financial sense for the benefit of Big Pharma! 

So, what are we talking about? We are talking here of Big Money for Big Pharma at the expense of numerous deaths a year thanks to the adverse side-effects of, for example, chemotherapy. That’s why it should be better to stop listening to the many medical fables announced by a White Medical Mafia. Before I conclude my message, I have still a bonus to offer: We read there the truth about Dr. Wakefield and the attempts to destroy his reputation (in which they already have succeeded). And listen to this audio: (“Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe” (January 11, 2019) Read this report carefully before it will be removed out of “security considerations” because it seems that Mr. Zuckerberg is not so happy with such alternative but very brilliant medical reports.”

“Sincerely Yours: Ton Nuiten.”


Ton Nuiten – Zondag 21 April 2019.

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