The Bolshevik Revolution – Darkness Descends

Bron: The Bolshevik Revolution – Darkness Descends

We have before us a book. Its title is “The Secret Behind Communism” and it is written by Dr. David Duke (Free Speech Press), 2013. On the flap of the cover, we read the following:

“Recognize this man?” (Top right, there is a little picture of a man dressed like a Communist militant, after which the description continues):

“Not one person of a thousand knows his name. It is Genrikh Yagoda, and historians agree that this Soviet communist secret police boss was one of the greatest genocidal mass murderers of all time. We hear nothing about him in the globalist media. 

However, Israeli media reveal things that are hushed up for the the rest of us. A major Israeli publication, Ynet News, disclosed the historical truth Yagoda saying, “We musn’t forget that some of the greatest mass murderers of all time were Jewish.” It goes on: 

“Genrikh Yagoda was the greatest Jewish murderer of the 20th Century… is responsible for the deaths of at least 10 million People.” 

So Yagoda, who ironically sported a mustache identical to Hitler’s – killed twice the number alleged against Hitler (the premier Holocaust historian, Raoul Hilberg alleges 5.1 million). Ynet News goes on to matter-of-factly state:

“His Jewish deputies established and managed the Gulag system.”

Yet, we hear almost nothing in the news and the Hollywood and entertainment media about Yagoda and the legion of murderers who killed five times more people than the alleged numbers of Jewish Holocaust. Do you think those victims any less human, their children any less precious? Why is there so little media about this? Why no Blackbuster films about the crimes of Yagoda and others? Why no trials and punishment? Why no museums and mass media on the Red Terror? 

The group that dominates Hollywood and the media at large, hides the facts about the leading Jewish role in communism and its crimes. Why can Israeli media but not our media reveal the leading Jewish role in these horrors? This thorougly researched book fearlessly documents and identifies those responsible for Communism al, the way from the days of Karl Marx and Moses Hess. It documents the common Jewish roots of Communism and Zionism and the alliances and conflicts of the two movements, right up to the present day. It reveals the transformation of Jewish Marxists since the Second World War into Zionists. modern leftists, progressives, and even neoconservatives, whose founders worshipped  Leon Trotsky, the executor of the Red Terror.” 

So much for the description. For the good order: this book and the criminal role Yagoda played in Communism are not discussed in the documentary you are about to see. And Dr. David Duke has as far as we know, no relation with this video or its maker. Although the role of Yagoda not is discussed in this documentary,  attention is given to one of the American-Jewish financiers of the Bolshevist Revolution: Jacob Schiff. The documentary itself is created by someone who has used the nickname “AshaLogos”, and he added the following description to his video:

“The untold story of the Bolsheviks, the Romanovs, the Kulaks, and Holodomor, and the greatest massacre of innocent lives in history. Some of the Kulaks pictured are my relatives, making this story a personal one that i felt compelled to tell …” 

Ton Nuiten – Zondag 29 November 2020.

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