Howdy! My name is Ton Nuiten from The Netherlands. My passion is reading books, preferably books of alternative (secret) history. Although I sometimes post reports from others in the English language, I myself prefer to write my reports in Dutch, interspersed with quotes from English books.  Furthermore, some of my reports have a biblical background; it is my intention, for an example, to show from out of the Bible that so-called Christian Zionism, is, in fact, a sectarian Gospel which seems to have a biblical connotation, but which is nothing less than “the leaven of the Pharisees and the Sadducees.” Jesus Christ, Who is, in fact, the Center of the true, biblical faith, has repeatedly warned His disciples and all those who would come after them for this false Pharisaic Gospel. Although there are many good books and reports in English in which Christian Zionism is exposed as a sectarian Gospel, we, here in The Netherlands, have almost next to nothing of such material. And that what we might have of it, will never make it in the Dutch papers or evangelic books, newsletters, etc. And if some Dutch paper or Christian Zionist organization or foundation against all odds gives some attention to such material, it is always done with contempt. Besides this, there are still Dutch people who have not mastered the English language but who nevertheless still need to hear the biblical truth! For short, thus is this one of the reasons why I, as just said, prefer to write in Dutch. Well, enjoy my reports, I would say and comments are more as welcome, of course!

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