Here is a revealing – and very gruesome – documentary. It is about horrific satanic abuse of children and babies by very evil, vicious, and cruel individuals. It is a Polish documentary. Except the face of documentary maker Patryk Vega, the faces of those who are interviewed by him are blurred. And what they have to say in Polish, is spoken by Vega employees in English. Those involved were a “mother who wants to sell her child”, “child trade agent”, a child trafficker contact person, and a child trafficker. Not only are these poor children abused, their organs are also harvested from them!

Some Quotes. 

Here are some quotes from this documentary:

(15:21): “For him, a living child, a living human being, is merchandise. He doesn’t even call a child a “child”- he calls it merchandise, because thtat’s what it is for him. It’s an object that can be monetized. He’d sell his own mother for organs, if she wasn’t so old. No one wants her organs enymore.” (Patryk Vega): “Does he have his onw child?”  (child trafficker contact person): “Yes, his own son.” (Vega): “Do you think he has any human feelings for him?” (contact person): “No, because, for what I know, his son cooperates wiht him. So it’s more of a business partnership rather than a father-son-relationship.” (Vega): “So, his son kidnaps children too?” (contact person): “He delivers them. Despite the fact, the whole thing takes place in Germany or in The Netherlands. There are organized rings here that work non-stop, like ants, to track those women. To get to know their daily routines and habits; to see what they do, where their children are, where they leave them. Therefore, I believe this practice is meticulously planned and carried through.”

The Pentagram. 

(36:52: Vega to child trafficker): “Have you ever seen any Satanist artefacts when you visit those individuals; any occult objetcs, like pentagrams, inverted crosses, or something?” (child trafficker): “There is a pentagram under that inscription.” (Vega) “Really?” (trafficker): “I  was f…ing there, man!” (Vega): “The dude has a pentagram in his house?” (trafficker) “Yes! There are those words I told you they use to greet each other. That kind of our “good morning.” And there is a pentagram under them.”  (trafficker): “There is the evil one behind the children’s suffering. That’s obvious.” 

About Evil, Satanic Individuals Who Abuse Innocent Chikdren & Babies. 

(15:45: child trafficer speaks about those who are abuse children and babies): “When they torture those children… the childen get broken their arms, get broken their legs; their legs get pulled out of their hips. They often get beaten up. Torn apart, organs, buttholes.” (Vega): “Do you mean those little babies het their legs pulled out?” (child trafficker): “Yes.” (Vega): “So, it’s sadism?” (child trafficker): “Yes, sadism. Infants always suffer; they all do. Later, that child is useless.” 

In the end, Vega manages to save a child from the clutches of the evidoers. Finally, Vega comes with “a moving appeal of another mother to the kidnapper of her child.” (1:10:57)

It is very difficult to watch this documentary, but the truth about these satanic and cruel practices must be exposed! And Mr. Vega did a good job with his video.

Some Other Related Videos

Other related videos of great importance are “Sadistic Ritual Abuse: Victims Deserve Independent Research” youtube.com/watch?v=YygZPBqV174 and “Elephant in the Room: Sadistic Ritual Cild Abuse” youtube.com/watch?v=97YSXKWxEMU Those videos are about sadistic ritual child abuse within the Civil Service of the Dutch government. A Committee is now set up to investigate this abuse; however, there is a problem: two members of the committee are suspected of being involved in this child abuse! Minister Gideon van Meijeren (of the Dutch political party Forum for Democracy) who tells his story about ritual child abuse in the Netherlands in the video “Elephant in the Room…”, therefore says that this committee can never be independent and honest. So he demands the composition of another, independent and reliable, committee.

Unfortunately, both videos can only be heard in Dutch. It would, therefore, be a good thing these and some other videos can also be listened in Englis by means of English subtitles.. Sadistic ritual child abuse is, after all, a global phenomenon and is, therefore, not limited to the Netherlands.

Ton Nuiten – October 31, 2021.

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