Critical care nurse at CHI Memorial explains her fainting after COVID-19 vaccine – YouTube

Do you remember this lady? Nurse Tifanny Dover was among the first to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. After that, however, she fainted. And soon after, stories began to circulate that she would have died in the meantime. But here she is: (almost) healthy, alive, and well: meet the only one Tiffany Dover! 

The Only Correct Way for Recognition: Distance & Mask Off. 

While she spoke, Tiffany kept her mask on. Now, the best (and only) way to determine that she really was Tifanny was that she would have taken some distance [“social distance” was still in effect at the time], had taken off her mask, and that the camera would have zoomed in on her. Only in this way could we have recognized her as Tifanny. But as we can see, this didn’t happen.

Rolling With the Eyes & Difficulty Spelling the Name “Tifanny.” 

What is also striking about this is the following: during her speech, she rolled her eyes conspicuously as if she had great difficulty staying in the role of “Tiffany.” She also had trouble spelling the name “Tiffany.” Apparently, this whole thing is intended to put us on the wrong track. In short: the masked lady here is not the real Tiffany Dover! 

No One Knows. 

Initially, it was claimed that Tifanny died because of the Covid-19 vaccine. As far as is known, this rumor about Tifanny has now been silenced. Where would she be now? Well, no one knows! Yet the case remains shrouded in rumors; another rumor is that Tifanny had been secretly transferred to an undisclosed hospital.  Therefore, it is unclear whether we will now hear anything about this case. Meanwhile, there is no shortage of lying “fact-checkers” just as, for example, NBC News… (“Tifanny Dover Is Dead* Podcast – Episode 1 | Truthers | NBC News”)

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