Fauci on a Couchi – YouTube

Well well, isn’t this a nice and funny video? Anyway, I had to laugh about it. However, here’s what’s not so lovely and funny: the dark career of Dr. Fauci. Here are just a few highlights.

“40 Years of Dr. Death.”

1980: Fauci leads NIH and begins to use PCR tests to get false positives. 

1984: Fauci starts AIDS research with funding from Merck & other Big Pharma Cos. 

1985: Fauci pushes deadly drug AZT for AIDS EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE using PCR false positives and phony studies. 

1985 – continuing: AZT kills hundreds of thousands more with permanent debilitating cancers and other diseases. FDA finally discontinued its use. 

2009: Fauci pushes SWINE FLU panic and uses PCR False Positives and Phony Reports to get EMERGENCY USE APPROVAL for an unproven vaccine. 25 people are killed before alarms are raised and the FDA stops its sale and use for Flu. 

2015: Fauci funds the University of N. Carolina GAIN of FUNCTION research on CORONA viruses.

2017: Fauci funds CORONA VIRUS research at Wuhan Lab, sidestepping Trump. 

2019: Fauci helps ban other meds like HcQ and Ivermectin from being used to fight COVID. 

2020: Fauci pushes to get at least 28 COVID “Vaccines and Boosters” approved for Emergency Use with the help of PCR False Positives and Phony Death Reports.” Source: twitter.com/ecw1979/1609877986957746176/photo/1

And if you would like to know what Fauci thought about the American people, there is also something nice to see here: https://www.amazon.nlSTOOPZ-PP-005Ll-brutale-tuinkabouter/dp/B0015KXVXK 


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