Denying the Holocaust: Two Examples of People Who Stand for Freedom of Speech: the Current Mr. Mark Zuckerberg & an Example of the Past: Mr. Mark Rutte.

For a certain time now, he is in the center of the attention of the media; he has reportedly, the information of privacy of his users misused and other complaints of certain things of which he is accused. We are talking here about no one less than Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook. And now, Mr. Zuckerberg (who himself is Jewish by the way), has to answer for his misuse of privacy of the users of Facebook. But there is also an ulterior motive for all the complaints again Mr. Zuckerberg. And it is this what we will now discuss about.


Even Holocaust Deniers Deserve a Voice. 


Mr. Zuckerberg is known as a man in favor of free speech. It is among other things, for this reason, that he has repeatedly refused to remove certain content from Facebook. Content, for example, which contains “hateful content”, was not removed as demanded by the censors. Now, currently, there is an increasing criticism of certain people who demand that the aforementioned “hateful content” will be removed, but as said, Mr. Zuckerberg has refused this. Now, a big part of which is considered “hateful content”, is another opinion about the Holocaust. And it is this which is for certain critics has increasingly become a “big thorn in the eye”, so to speak. So, they demanded that such content should be removed. But alas for them; to no avail; Mr. Zuckerberg refused to give in on their mandatory requirements! So, the enemies of free speech found another way to impose their will on him; they accused Mr. Zuckerberg of misusing the privacy of the users of Facebook! The same time, the adversaries of Mr. Zuckerberg succeeded that Facebook on July 28, 2018, lost $20 billion. How did they do it? Well, here is a website on which it is explained plus a video:


Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte & His Proposed Legislation Regarding the Holocaust.


Now, with this in mind, we go back to the year 2005. The current Prime Minister of The Netherlands, Mark Rutte, was at that time a chairman of the Dutch political party, the VVD. In that year, Mr. Rutte came forth with an extraordinary proposed legislation; herewith, he made it clear that it would be possible that there would be the ability to -note this- deny the Holocaust! Yes, he said, everyone knows all too well the holocaust did happen and that it would be foolish to deny it, but for the sake of free speech, it would be made possible to do this. Almost immediately after that, there was a great outcry (mainly from the Dutch-Jewish organization, CIDI, the small Dutch brother of the American Anti-Defamation League.) Mr. Ronnie Nafthaiël (who was at that time the chair of CIDI), cried out that this was “very dangerous!” The pressure on Mr. Rutte became so unbearable that he decided to withdraw his proposal. So, there came nothing from it. Later on, Mr. Rutte was urged to go in discussion with Dutch-Jewish organizations about this subject. And even today (almost 13 years later), we still don’t know what the outcome of the discussion between Mr. Rutte and the Jewish organizations was. Later on, however, he was raised to the position of Prime Minister of The Netherlands. Yes, my friends, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg and Mr. Mark Rutte, two controversial figures. Sometimes (but not often), very strange things can happen …


Ton Nuiten – Vrijdag August 10, 2018.



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