CEO Jeff Bezos of, the Modern-Day “Ebenezer Scrooge” and the Appalling Working Conditions of His Employees; it’s Time for Bezos to Meet His own “Ghosts”.

And finally, they became tired of him. For too long he had sucked and squeezed out his own employees; after endured a long time with no bathroom breaks, obliged to urinate in bottles, and more of such kinds of oppression, his employees said, enough is enough! Who are we talking here? Well, no one less than Jeff Bezos, today one of the richest men. He is the owner of the online bookshop we all are familiar with, Amazon has many foreign affiliates as, for example, in Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Poland, France. 


Employees Amazon are on Strike. 


The working conditions with Amazon are very, very bad, yes, even appalling! And this is already going on for a long time. Some employees had in the past complained of the bad work conditions to our modern-day Ebenezer Scrooge, but, alas! To no avail! While Bezos gots richer, his employees are becoming poorer. And now, the camel’s back was already broken but Bezos’ employees gave him the straw; and now they are on strike to demand better work conditions.


U. S. Senator Berny Sanders vs the Greedy Misers & the Greedy Bankers. 


One of the greatest adversaries the greedy misers and the top-bankers ever could want is U. S. Senator Bernie Sanders. For a long time. Senator Sanders is a great opponent of these extortionists. Continuing, Mr. Sanders pleaded for among other things, better working conditions. Of Mr. Bezos he said,

“Jeff Bezos’ newly renovated home in Washington D. C. will have 25 bathrooms. Meanwhile, Amazon workers skip bathroom breaks in order to meet their grueling work targets”. 

It was not only Mr. Sanders who criticized the policy of Bezos; President Donald Trump also has lashed out at Bezos:


Sad Account of one of The Many workers at


Recently, Mr. Sanders shared (or produced) a video clip with the witness account of one of the female employees of Amazon. While she is working for forty hours a week for just $13.25 an hour, this lady is forced to live in her own car; she has no gas; she has just one dollar in her purse and five dollars and forty-six cents on her new bank card. And what did Mr. Bezos say? Here is his comment about the working conditions of his employees:

“I ‘m very proud of our working conditions”. 

Yes, that’s what he really said. Watch the video clip at,1 It’s a great shame that hard-working people as the employees of Amazon are forced to work under very bad working conditions while Mr. Bezos has the nerve to say he is proud of their working conditions!


Time for Mr. Bezos to meet his Own “Three Ghosts”. 


There are just a few people today who have never heard about the beautiful Christmas fairy tale, A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens, written by him in 1843. One of the key players is a character, named Ebenezer Scrooge, a very vicious and greedy miser. He despised Christmas and he didn’t care for the poor. Later on, however, Scrooge was visited by three ghosts, the ghost of Christmas past, the ghost of Christmas present, and the ghost of yet-to-come. They succeed to change Scrooge from a cold-hearted and greedy miser into a very warm-hearted and generous man. For those who are interested to read the whole story of A Christmas Carol, here is the link to Wikipedia: Now, so as it was with Mr. Scrooge in the past so is it now with Mr. Jeff Bezos: It is about time Mr. Bezos will meet his own “ghosts”. 


Ton Nuiten – Saturday, August 4, 2018.

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