The Truth Behind the Mask.

First, we were told that wearing masks would do more harm than good. Which is why science still supports. But now, even as the COVID-19 pandemic is turning out to be less harmful than the seasonal flu, we are being told to wear the mask. Austin, Texas, has threatened a $2000 fine for not wearing the mask and have even suggested that we wear the mask while we are at home.”

(health official: “We still need people to wear the mask in public; we still need people to keep social distance and isolation. Well, one thing I want to get across today is, we need to do that while we in are our home also.”)

“Science tells us that these masks are doing nothing but hurting our natural immune system. So, why is it so important that we wear the mask? If one would have looking what is happening as if it were a massive initial ritual, then things may begin to make more sense. The initiation ritual can be found throughout all of human history. We find it in ancient tribes and religions, all the way up to modern gangs, fraternities and in the military. Psychological studies have taught us how initiation rituals work, primarily how they increase a person’s desire to conform to the group they are being initiated into .”

(description in the video: “APA PsycArticles: Journal article.” “The effect of severity of initiation on liking for a group.

“An experiment was conducted to test the hypotheses that persons who undergo an unpleasant initiation to become members of a group increase their liking for the group; that is, they find the group more attractive than do persons who become members without going through a severe initiation. This hypothesis was derived from Festinger’s theory of cognitive dissonance. 3 conditions were employed: reading of “embarrassing material” before a group, mildly embarrassing material to read, no reading. The results clearly verified the hypothesis.”)

“The ritual is almost always the same. First, the initiate is isolated. Their familiar routines are disrupted and their normal rules of living are altered. The initiates are made to look the same; their heads may be shaved, they may be given matching outfits, or they may be instructed to wear a mask. These techniques symbolically strip the initiates from their unique identity so, they can see themselves as an individual and begin seeing themselves as part of the group. The wearer of the mask loses his previous identity and assumes a new one. The initiate is then subjected to just enough trauma to put him in a mild state of cognitive dissonance. This dissonance puts the initiate into a state of confusion and anxiety. They are now ready to be transformed into a member of the initiating group. In their isolation, thoughts they have ignored or buried for years, suddenly become unavoidable. Emotions are triggered. And a new window of thought is opened in the initiate’s mind. And in this state, the new normal is introduced. This worldwide initiate ritual is creating a massive separation in humanity: the obedients* and the defiant are being drawn apart like a chemistry purification experiment. And it would seem that the obedient ones are being initiated into something: the New Normal, the New Age, the New World Order. A world where science no longer matters. A world where blind obedience is all that is respected. And if this is a worldwide initiation ritual, then we can certainly expect the initiated to be turned against the rest of us. For, this is Greg Reese.” (Source: “The Truth Behind the Mask”)

“They Want to Enslave Us All.”

During one of the mass protests against the corona measures in Germany, a lafy told the interviewer the following: “They want to enslave us all.” What she meant to say by this, was:

“Through these corona measures, our government want to enslave us all.”

So, she was one of those who of those who knew what the government has in mind with these measures. And if we also consider that these measures were introduced by almost all governments of the world, then we can rightly speak about it as a huge conspiracy!

Ton Nuiten – Maandag 10 Mei 2021.

(* As we know, the word “obedients” doesn’t exist in the English language; it is always “obedience” or “obedient.”we have used this word as it is pronounced by Reese)

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