What is Russia ashamed of? | Perm 36 GULAG prison camp – YouTube

Perm 36 GULAG Prison Camp: the last camp that remains of what was once a huge Gulag camp system in the Soviet Union. Description: 

“Lately Russian propaganda has been justifying the GULAG camps. On May 26, 2020, the largest news agenct, RIA Novosty published an article explaining that Stalin’s labor camps were not so terrible anymore, but on the contrary, Stalin’s camps were useful for the citizens. 

I’ve decided to make this video so that more people know what Gulag really is, learn its history and what life there was like. 

Perm 36 is the only GULAG camp (Soviet Union forced labor camps) that was preserved in Russia, and everything here is kept the way the camp functioned. All the other camps were demolished after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.” 

This video, produced by Ms. Selina, ends with these words:  

“Why would you bring up this topic, many of you will say. Russia’s main problem is that it lives in the past; people are stuck between the past that they are ashamed of and the future which seems scary. Our parents, the older generations, who were grew up in constand fear, always keep telling us from the very childhood, be silent, watch out for every word you say; don’t draw attention to yourself, it’s dangerous! But the times have changed and we shouldn’t live in fear anymore. If everyone speaks up and supports what he stands for, then probably our country won’t see anymore times, when people’s lives didn’t mean anything. Peace everyone.” 

“Jewish-Run Concentration Camps in the Soviet Union.” 

What is not widely known, however, is that those GULAG camps (where prisoners died like flies) were run by Jews! Here is something from the booklet “Jewish-Run Concentration Camps in theSovietUnion.” This booklet was written by Dr. Hermann Greife. THe first edition of it was published by The Defender Magazine in 1937. This second edition of it was re-published by The Truth At Last in 1999. Here is something from this booklet: 

“In November 1917, Jewish Marxism completely absorbed the ruling power of Russia. Its next step was to expand this power through the exploitation of the masses. As an ideal state, it visioned a slavishly devoted and a spiritually and morally degenerated population. 

Soon, however, the new rulers discovered that this goal could not be attained unless all those raciallly valuable elements which would never be content with a life of slavery, were exerminated. With the aid of a terroristic organistion, established specially for this purpose – het Tscheka (Tsche-Ka, meaning the extarordinary commission) and later the G. P. U., they started out on the bloody task.” 

“But the most difficult problem was the handling of the peasants. Lenin, himself, had long ago recognized that the greatest obstacle in establishing a Communistic slavestate would be the strong and healthy peasant, consequently, the goverment had but one alternative: the complete destruction of the healthy peasantry, 

Although the new rulers, ever since their rise to power, encountered a stiff opposition from the peasantry, their real drive to achieve their object commenced with the First Five Year Plan (piatilettka). It was the be a bloody, and in the history of mankind, an unique act. The entire independent peasantry, the so-called “Kulaks”, were dispossessed of their possessions and driven from their farms. 

During this process of “raskulatchivanje” or diskulakizing, a great number were massacred on the spot. But the masses of these dispossessed became so great that it was absolutely impossible to destroy them all and the government was forced to adopt other methods of dealing with them. The Kulaks were then gathered from all sections, dumped into box cars and transferred to remote places of the Soviet Union. Endessly, these trains rolled through the steppes and snow-covered fields of Siberia. Uncountable was the numbder of men who never were to see their point of destination: they died on they way to the concentration camps, but millions reached their destinations nevertheless. 

Although these camps had already existed previously, they began to grow in importance and new ones were created as fast as the “living material” rolled in. 

For millions of people, concentration camps have been nothing but transition points into eternity. Here, the death of millions could not be accounted for as murder, and moreover, these death-sacrificed victims of Jewish tyranny could be exploited to the last drop of blood in the interest of a “Socialistic State” before being freed by the merciful reaper – death.” (page 6 and 7) 


Ton Nuiten – Sunday 7 November 2021.

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