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محمد البسيوني – لا تنازل – انتاج تلفزيون فلسطيني 2019 – YouTube

Here is a report of Linda Nicola on the website “Palestine Today”:

“Prior to 1948, the modern city of Jaffa was the cultural en economic heart of Palestine. From the late 19th century until 1970, it was also one of the largest ports of orange export in the world. Oranges and other citrus fruit were brought to Europe from the Middle East. Jaffa oranges, in particular, are  variety developed by Arab Palestinian farmers in the 19th century. These oranges were the pride of Palestinians because they are sweet and almost seedless.  Their tough skin made them perfect for export. Moreover, the cultivation of oranges developed simultaneously with the rise of the steam engine and the increase of European exports in the mid 19th century. During the early 20th century and until 1939, oranges were the largest Palestinian export, surpassing even cotton. In 1939, a total of 30 000 hectares were cultivated and 15 million crates were exported. 

Thus contrary to the myth propagated by Israel of an arid, backward and underpopulated Palestine, Palestinians had a dynamic agricultural sector before the arrival of European Jews. Under the British Mandate, the cultivation of products such as olives, melon, tobacco, grapevines and oranges to name a few, mostly belonged to the Arab Palestinians. Towards the end of the mandate, the cultivation of oranges by Jewish Palestinians who were either native or established for several generations had significantly increased. Despite this, the production from Arab Palestinians remained superior both in terms od quantity and quality.” Source: palestinetoday.quora.com/JAFFA-ORANGES-PRIDE-AND-PROPAGANDA-Factsheet-Series-No-176-created-July-2013-Canadians-for-Justice-and-Peace-in-the-Middle-East

Omar Shakir.

Breaking: @washingtonpost investigation exposes massive Israeli facial recognition program – Blue Wolf – that matches exclusively Palestinian faces to database & flashes color-coded instructions on whether to detain them. “Facebook for Palestinians.” Apartheid. 

HEBRON, West Bank – The Israeli military has been conducting a broad surveillance effort in the occuppied West Bank to monitor Palestinians by integrating facial recognition with a growing network of camera’s and smartphones, according to the descriptions by recent Israeli soldiers.

The surveillance initiative rolled out over the past two years, involves in part a smartphone technology called Blue Wolf that captures photos of Palestinians’ faces and matches them to a database of images so extensive that one former soldier described it as the army’s secret “Facebook for Palestinians.” The phone app flashes in different colors to alert soldiers if a person is to be detained, arrested or left alone.” Source: twitter.com/CJPME/status/1459202505682923529/photo/2

The Fate of the Non-Vaccinated People: a Dark Future. 

Let’s change this first sentence of the tweet of Omar Shakir’s tweet a little bit now:

“An investiagtion exposes massive facial recognition program – Blue Wolf – that matches exclusively faces of non-vaccinated people to database & flashes color-coded instructions on whether to detain them.” 

Here, in the Netherlands, we already have the so-called “QR-code.” This is actually a corona-ticket of which we are forced to show this to owners of, for example, restaurants and cafes. Without it, you will denied intrance.

Very recently, during the last Dutch press conference with Dutch Premier Mark Rutte and Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge (November 12, 2021), declared among other tings, that this compulsory corona admission ticket will be expanded even further; according to them, it is the non-vaccinated people who are to blame for increasing corona infections! Because they are not yet vaccinated and, therefore, they are not yet protected; in this sense, it is the non-vaccinated people who are a “big threat to society according to them.

Very soon, this compulsory corona admission ticket will also apply to home and clothing stores. Do you need new shoes or new clothes? Okay, show your admission ticket. What, don’t have this? Well, don’t worry, because “Then we welcome you not!” Will you come on your workplace one day and you don’t have a corona admission ticket (QR-code)? Then make sure that you are vaccinated yet; if not, you will be fired; because if you don’t you are a big threat to both the management as your colleagues of the cpmpany! Could it be that non-vaccinated people soon will become the “new Palestinians”? Yes, I know, in contrast with the Palestinians, those who refuse to take the vaccine are not detained or arrested. At least, Not Yet! 

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