Doug Christie on 5th Column exposing the Fraud of so-called “War Crimes Trials” – YouTube

One of the most renowned lawyers in the past was Doug Christie. Christie (a Canadian) has been dead for some time now. It was he who was involved in the defense of the Hungarian Imre Finta, “who was accused of being a key official in the rounding up and deportation of Jews in Szeged, Hungary to Auschwitz, a Nazi death camp, and to Strasshof, a Nazi concentration camp. The round up had six phases. First, the Jews were identified and required to wear a yellow star. Second, all their property was seized. Third, they were moved to ghettoes. Fourth, the Jews were moved to a large concentration centre where all valuables were taken from them. Fifth, they were taken to the transport trains, and finally they were transported, most commonly for extermination at Auschwits. 

Finta was accused of being in charge of bringing Jews from the ghettoes to the concntration centre in Szeged. He was allegedly in charge of the concentration centre and his responsibilities supposedly included making sure that the Jews were kept in the brickyard and could not escape. He also took charge of taking valuables from them and his trial counsel admitted that Finta made daily announcements demanding that the prisoners relinquish all valuables on pain of death. Finally, he allegedly supervised the loading of the prisoners into boxcars which took the Jews to their deaths in Auschwitz or to forced labour in Strasshof. 

The Finta prosecution has an unusual legal history. Sabina Citron, a Holocaust surviver, publicly accused Finta of committing war crimes. Finta denied her charges and called her a liar. She sued him for libel. When the case went to trial, Finta did not defend the action and he was ordered to pay Mrs. Citron $30,000 plus court costs. 

CTV broadcast a report accusing Finta of being a war criminal and Finta sued the network for libel. CTV engaged in extensive preperation for the trial, including obtaining videotape commission evidence in Austria, Hungary and Israel. After CTV accumulated the evidence, Finta withdrew his libel suit. The court ordered Finta to pay the court costs of CTV and when he did not pay, CTV seized and sold his house at auction. 

The evidence against Finta is overwhelming and unanswerd. Finta presented no evidence to answer the charges brought against him, either at his libel trials or at his criminal prosecution. When asked at his cirminal trial if he wanted to call evindence on his own behalf, he declined. Yet, Finta was acquitted. How is it possible that Finta could win his case when he called no evidence on his own behalf and the evidence against him was overwhelming? The anwer is that there was a stacked jury and an appeal to racial prejudice.” Source: (bold print added) 

“Have The Persecuted Become The Persecutors?”

You can read the rest of the article on the indicated link there. At the end of the video, Christie asks the question: “Have the persecuted become the persecutors?” The truth is, of course, a lot of Jews were persecutors in ancient times; we need only look at the book of Acts to see how they have already persecuted and oppressed the early Christian Church so severely…

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