Doug Christie Free Speech is the Issue. Speech from Oct 16 1997 in Toronto – YouTube

Here is Doug Christie with one of his speeches about freedom of expression. At that time, he was speaking of control of freedom of speech by monopolists. And the curtailment of freedom of expression was wrong, he said. Here is a part of what he said about it then: 

“Well, the reason that it’s all wrong and the reason why I fight for freedom of speech (as I have) could be capsulized in a simple expression that’s been said by other people: “Resistance to opression is obedience to God.” And many people don’t like to talk about or use the word “God”; it’s offensive to some people but I still choose to use it. I hope you don’t mind. But even if you don’t accept the concept of God, everyone (no matter what their race, religion, or ethnic origin), really wants to find truth. However they may define it, it is the common denominator of all human beings that we are not entirely satisfied to eat and sleep and breed and feed, we want to know (in some cases to love and in some cases to serve) the truth. That is what essentially  touches the hearts and minds of all human kind. So that’s true for everybody whether they believe or don’t believe, that resistance to oppression is obedience to God.” 

And what Christie said about it at the time is in itself an important truth…

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