Why Ezekiel’s Gog And Magog Prophecy Is NOT Identifying Russia – Dr. Chuck Baldwin on Apr. 3, 2022 – YouTube

Now that the conflict between Ukraine and Russia (which started in February/March 2014) has flared up again, there are televangelists and preachers who (as had happened several times in the past), again refer to Russia as the Gog and Magog in Ezekiel 39-39. 

And let’s not make a mistake about it: in the past, we too have always believed that Gog and Magog would be a leader of Russia who, in the “last days” (meaning the end times), the land of Israel with many allies, would invade. But gradually you become wiser and later it turns out to be about an event that already happened in the distant past! Here are some of the words of the preaching of Dr. Chuck Baldwin:  

“Dispensational futurists interpret Gog and Magog, mentioned here, and the Gog and Magog in Revelation 20 as being Russia. But this is a gross misinterpretation. Neither Gog nor Magog refers to Russia. And we’ll discuss Gog and Magog in Revelation in later prophecy messages. But let me say emphatically that – listen to me – no modern countries, not Russia, not Israel, not England, not the United States, no modern countries are mentioned in Bible prophecy regarding the last days. None. Please, understand that. When you hear a televangelist or radio preacher talk about prophecy of the last days (and they talk about America and Israel and Russia and whatever country they want to bring up), you can know right then that this is gross propaganda and misinterpretation of the Holy Scriptures.” 

The consequences for the Christian Church of this utterly devastating dispensational – Christian Zionist – theology are by countless Christians not understood. One of the reasons is that they do not see the distinction between the Two Covenants (the Old Testament and the New Testament, or the Old Covenant and the New Covenant). Please, listen very carefully to what Dr. Chuck Baldwin has to say about this case; because countless Christians today have been led to believe in a false prophecy regarding President Vladimir Putin as “Gog” and Russia as “Magog.” 

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