‘It’s time you report the truth’: Husam Zomlot lambasts western media coverage of Palestine – YouTube

Here is Mr. Husam Zomlot, the Ambassador of Palestine. Here, he shows the true face of racist Israel. Might we think that this is just an isolated case of Israeli racism against the Palestinians, think again: this is the regular practice! 

Flashback – The Palestinian Refugee Camp Jenin April 2002. 

As we witness such (almost satanic) Israeli racism against the Palestinians, we are also reminded of what happened years ago in the refugee camp Jenin in April 2002. In those days, the Israeli aggressor invaded Jenin. This one brute attack alone was one of a series to follow (raids such as the Israeli military operations “Cast Lead” (winter 2008/2009) and “Protective Edge” (summer 2014) are still vivid in our minds.

“The Israeli Holocaust Against The Palestinians.” 

Regarding the gruesome massacres, and death and destruction the Israelis committed in Jenin, Mr. Michel Hoffman (a brilliant scholar in the field of research of (what is called) the Babylonian Talmud), has written a revealing book about the tragedy that happened in Jenin at that time; it is entitled “The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians. A chronicle of war cries and atrocities against people judged less than human by the U. S. government and media.” Mr. Hoffman wrote this book in collaboration with Mr. Moshe Lieberman. This book (Third printing: September 2005) was published by Independent History and Research Post Office Box 849 Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83816. On the front cover of this book is a photo of a Palestinian boy. His name is Abdulkerim Khader (ten years old at that time). It can be seen that at the time this photo was taken, Abdulkerim was full of grief and crying profusely. The caption for this photo on page 2 of the book: “Ten-year-old Abdulkerim Khader upon learning that his father, Sabri Awad Khader, had been murdered by Israeli troops in the Jabaliya refugee quarter of the Gaza ghetto.” Behind his back is apparently his mother who is also crying profusely.

Abdulkerim Khader Is No Exception. 

Might we think that the young Abdulkerim Khader is just an exception, we’d have to think twice about this one. Because nobody knows how many Palestinian children have lost their father, (mother or even both parents) in all those years in this way! 

“Holocaust Remembrance Day” In April Versus The Israeli Massacres Against The Palestinians. 

Now, listen to what Mr. Hoffman and Mr. Lieberman have to say on page 5 of their book:

“Every year in April there is Yom Has Shoa in the religion of Judaism, marked universally in the otherwise secular West under the rubric “Holocaust Remembrance Day.” How ironic that in the midst of the Israeli army massacre of Palestinians in Jenin on April 9, 2002, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon together with the Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi, Rabbi Meir Lau, solemnly commemorated “Holocaust Remembrance Day” in Jerusalem to mourn “the Nazi massacres of Jews.” 

Orthodox Rabbis like Lau teach the Talmudic doctrine that the lives of Jews are preferable to non-Jews, hence the Rabbis can mourn Judaics massacred by Nazis while simultaneously giving spiritual support to ongoing Israeli massacres of Arabs. Christ called this rabbinic brand of shameless hypocrisy, “the leaven of the Pharisees.” 

Jesus Christ & The Bloodthirsty Pharisees Of His Time. 

Let,s  with this in mind go to the Holy Bible. In the New Testament (second half of the Bible) we read that the Lord Jesus Christ had a lot of (sometimes violent) confrontations with the Pharisees. During one of these confrontations, Jesus said the following to the Pharisees:

“Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it.” (John 8: 44)

And that’s exactly what the current Israelis are doing. And in Matthew 23:15 we read this:

Woe unto you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.” 

And yes, that’s exactly what happened with these racist Jews in the video above: they are now maybe ten times worse than their distant forefathers once were! 

Some Further Excerpts From The Book “The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians.” 

Here are some further excerpts from the book “The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians”: 

“March 6-16, 2002.

More than 200 Palestinians were slaughtered between March 6 and March 16 by the Israeli Occupation Army. 40 Palestinians were killed on March 8 alone. The Zionist-dominated media has not given any memorable name to that bloody massacre of Palestinians because according to Jewish law, Jewish blood is worth more. Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg, head of the Kever Yossev Yeshiva (school of Talmud) in Nablus stated, “The blood of the Jewish people is loved by the Lord; it is, therefore, redder and their life is preferable.” This is the U. S. media’s position too. NBC News described the Israeli army’s mass murder in Ramallah and the other refugee camps from March 6-16 as “Israeli patrols.” The bloody massacre of Palestinians in March of 2002 has already been forgotten. The blood of those Arabic civilians murdered by Israeli soldiers is not “red enough” for the US media to commemorate. Only Jewish casualties are truly mourned and memorialized. This is Talmudic racism in action, and it breeds rage.* In this publication, we have attempted to preserve salient photographs and facts pertaining to this horrible onslaught of Israeli state terrorism, amounting to both collective punishments of the entire Palestinian people and low-intensity genocide. The slogan of the “Holocaust” is “Never Again.” But it is happening again– to the Palestinians’ Israeli Army policy: exterminate as many young Palestinian males as possible.”*  (page 13 (* bold print added)

Coverup of War Crimes Committed by the Israeli Army. 

On page 52 of the book “The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians…” we read this:

“April 13.

War Crimes Coverup Continues. 

“The killing in  Jenin ended temporarily on April 11, but the Israeli Army continues to bat the outside world from the scene of the carnage. Before Ali Khatib left Jenin on April 11th, he saw dump trucks filled with the remains of the Palestinian houses bulldozed by the Israelis. Inside those houses, the Palestinian father of eight said, were dead Palestinians. Inside the trucks, mixed with the rubble and the concrete, were their remains. “There were ten or fifteen trucks”, he said. “After the Israelis bulldozed the houses, they scooped everything up. Then they drove away.” One man spoke of receiving a call on his cell phone on April 11 from a Palestinian family trapped beneath the rubble of a bulldozed home inside the camp. On April 12, the family’s phone went dead. On the morning of April 12, Israeli Army General Ron Kitrey confessed in a brief moment of candor: “…very likely several hundred Palestinians were killed.” His statement has since been withdrawn and “clarified” by the Israeli army. A combination of an Israeli ban on the media and the clever method the Israelis have devised for disposing of the bodies of hundreds of their victims, almost guarantees there will be no holocaust-like photos of mounds of Palestinian cadavers. The Palestinians are so much rubbish in the view of the Americans and Israelis. It is fitting, therefore, that their remains should be disposed of in this anonymous and secretive manner, “mixed in with the rubble” of a demolished refugee camp. In this way, the always media-wise Israelis spare themselves the kind of opprobrium their minions in media, government, and education forever heap on the Germans.” 

Jewish Columnist: No Empathy With The Palestinians! 

On page 37, Mr. Hoffman and Mr. Lieberman write something about an American-Jewish columnist for the paper Chicago Tribune; on April 7, 2002, when the slaughtering of Palestinians was in full swing, this man wrote the following about this:

“Columnist Can’t Empathize with Palestinian Victims Because His Great-Grandmother was Killed by the Nazis: “As a self-proclaimed humanist, I ought to recoil in horror from the thought of tanks rumbling through a city, anybody’s city. My head should hang in sorrow at televised images of street fighting in Bethlehem and Ramallah. When an army fights in heavily populated quarters, no matter how just its cause, the guilty and the innocent die side by side. Yet for me, when it comes to the confrontation between Israel and the Palestinians, such considerations are outweighed by one simple historical fact. My Great-Grandmother was murdered in the Treblinka concentration camp.” Chicago Tribune, April 7, 2002.” 

You see, this Jewish hinted in this way that Jewish lives (in this case his late Great-Grandmother) are more important than (in this case) Palestinian lives; even though the last ones were the victims and the Jewish members of the government in Israel are the mass murderers!

Israeli Soldiers Are Using Unarmed Palestinians as Human Shields. 

When it comes to this Israeli-Palestinian conflict, many people (mainly the so-called Christian Zionists) resort to the following trick: it is the Palestinians (Hamas) who are using members of their own people as human shields against Israeli soldiers. This should, in one way or another, justify the actions of the Israeli army against the Palestinians. But here is the truth:

“When Israeli troops entered the camp on foot to search homes for armed militants, they sent captive Palestinian men ahead of them at gunpoint to knock on the doors or to break through the walls. The army has acknowledged the practice, saying it discourages armed resistance. Ali Mustafa Sireh, 42, said he was working as such door to door human shield in the refugee camp when at the 10th house, he was shot in the knee by Israeli snipers who apparently did not see his captors. At that point, he said, the Israelis abandoned him, and it took four days for relatives to get him to the hospital.” (page 49-50 (bold print added)

And please, don’t believe that this would be just an isolated case; how many more injured, besides Ali Mustafa Sireh, (or even could be murdered) by the Israelis is probably impossible to calculate!

Israeli Tanks & Bulldozers: For Palestinian Civilians, Their Homes Became Their Tombs. 

Now one might think that when the Israeli army is flattening Palestinian civilian homes (although this too is a crime in itself), they would do so, had it warned the Palestinian residents there in advance. Well, listen to this:

“Ali Mustafa Abu Sani, a 42-year-old Palestinian school teacher, testified to the wholesale bulldozing of Palestinian homes by Israeli tanks and D-9 bulldozers. He says many families were wiped out. He provided the names of those who died in this way: “The household of Abu Naif Zagrah”, says Ali Mustapha with certainty. The households of Mazen al-Ghul and Abura al-Ghul.”He continues: “Abu Jawad Narshe and Abu Jawad al-Asmar.” Maaz Staty, age 22, says his mother died in this way, her home bulldozed with her inside. Witness Isa Weshaky mentions his cousin, Ataf Dasouki, aged 52, who opened the door of his home when commanded to by Israeli soldiers and was then shot down. “Israeli officers…interviewed by Ha’aretz (the Israeli newspaper)…admit the Palestinian claims of extensive damage, including the bulldozing of homes. They admit too that Israeli soldiers fired on ambulances to drive them away from recovering the wounded.” Source”The Observer, (U.K), April 14,2002.” (page 55)

“The Israelis last week ordered the Palestinian population to leave Jenin refugee camp, roughly half a mile wide and three miles long, now a moonscape of blood-soaked rubble. Of the 13.000 Palestinians crammed into Jenin before the Israeli “incursion”, fewer than 5.000 are still residents there. Nablus: Israeli destruction, inflicted on Nablus, the largest Palestinian city, with some 20,000 inhabitants includes the Shuabi family and the family home. Among the buildings destroyed by Israeli tank fire or bulldozers in Nablus was the ancient casbah home of the Shuabi family. The Shuabi’s were still in their homes when the Israelis attacked. On April 13, rescue workers who had been digging through the rubble for days found the bodies of three of the Shuabi children and their mother. The body of their father, Samir Shobi, was found on April 12. Three other family members also were killed. On April 13, rescuers found two other members of the Shuabi family still alive. Rescuers pulled Abdullah, 68, and his wife, Shamsa– from their living room, which was under a mass of stone and dirt. Neighbors of the Shuabi’s said Israeli bulldozers came to the front of the Shuabi’s home. and began attacking. The house collapsed with the family inside. “They were shouting, ‘Help us! Help us!’ “neighbor Amani Ghanem said of the crushed family. Three generations of the Shuabi family were buried alive. The confirmed Shuabi dead includes Omar Shuabi, 85, his daughters, Fatima and Abir, and his son, Samir; Samir’s pregnant wife, Nabila, and the couple’s three little boys, Abdallah Azam, and Anas. Rokaya Hino said she saw Imad Kasua trapped under the ruins of his home, bleeding to death. The Kasua’s house was one of several private homes that had been hit by Israeli fire in Nablus. Catholic and Muslim shrines were also attacked by Israelis in Nablus. The local Muslim house of worship, the Saladin Mosque, was rammed. Two rooms of the 250-year-old St. Demetrius Catholic church were severely damaged by Israeli tank fire, said Dather Economus George Awwad, The 56-year-old priest saved his own life by crawling out of the structure, as the Israelis bombarded it.” (page 56-57)

Elie Wiesel: The Holocaust Survivor’s Triumphal Congratulations To The Israeli Army. 

The late Israeli Eli Wiesel was one of the so-called “Holocaust Survivors.” On April 15, 2002, Wiesel was in Washington and he had something special to share with the people there:

“On April 15, “Holocaust Survivor” Elie Wiesel gave a speech in Washington D. C., congratulated the Israelis on their pogrom against the Palestinians.” (But): “Commission on Human Rights Condemns Israeli Mass Killings in Palestine: On April 15, the United Nations human rights commission condemned “mass killings” of Palestinians and demanded the end of “acts of mass killings perpetrated by the Israeli occupying authorities.” The Geneva-based Commission on Human Rights ruled that the Israelis were guilty of “gross violations” of humanitarian law and the commission upheld the “legitimate right of Palestinian people to resist.” The Commission on Human Rights expressed grave concern at “the killing of men, women, and children” in West Bank refugee camps, among them Jenin, where Israeli troops of massacred Palestinian women and children. “A United Nations vehicle with supplies of flour and sugar had been denied access to the (Jenin) camp, as well as the Red Cross. ‘For over a week now’ one senior UN official said, ‘the Red Cross and the UN have made strenuous efforts to receive permission to enter the camp. Especially for the Red Cross, this is an unheard-of situation for a government to refuse access in this way. The only assumption that we are making, regrettably, is that someone had something abominable to hide.’ An Israeli soldier told a journalist that the Red Cross had been granted access to the camp but had refused (to enter). The UN official responded: “This is a blatant lie.” Source: “The Times” (London), April 15.” (page 58 (bold print added)

Here we see again “the distinct Israeli penchant for lying” which is one of the commands in “The Talmud, Judaism’s holiest book.” Furthermore, it should be noted here that Elie Wiesel never showed his tattoo during his lifetime; every Holocaust survivor had a tattoo on his right arm for registration purposes. So the question is: would Wiesel (who was called “The Priest of the Holocaust” during his lifetime), really be a survivor?  

Finally This.

We will conclude this post with the following: there is a lot more to read in “The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians.” What we have written here from the book is just a handful of quotes! We, therefore, regard this book as a historical document: a historical reminder of one of the gruesome and black pages in the history of a racist state that is admired and revered by Christians Zionists to this day and almost regarded by them as holy as God Himself…And…not to mention the later Israeli military operations that would follow and see even greater atrocities against the Palestinians perpetrated by the Israeli army. ‘Operation ‘Cast Lead’ (winter 2008/2009) and ‘Operation ‘Protective Edge’ (summer 2014) among others… And from the above video, we can clearly see that the problems and difficulties for the Palestinian people are far from over.

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