The DISGUSTING Crimes Of The Hangman Of Buchenwald – YouTube

 One of the YouTube channels about WWII is   theuntoldpast. The narrator of his videos is Mr. Mark Felton. We believe Mr. Felton is a sincere and upright man who does his best to describe the events of WW II as he sees them with all honesty and sincerity. So we don’t doubt that. 

The Video. 

This video was publicized on September 9, 2022. Here is the description: 

“During the Second World War, inside of the concentration camps, some of the most evil war criminals worked at camps such as Bergen-Belsen and Buchenwald. One such guard and torturer who worked at Buchenwald was Martin Sommer, who received the nickname ‘The Hangman of Buchenwald’ for his brutal treatment of prisoners, and he was known for killing them with his bare hands once he had extracted information. It’s alleged that he injected carbolic acid into them once they were deemed of no use to him, but he also went further. He administered whippings there but was known as the Hangman for horrific reasons. 

Martin Sommer would regularly lead groups of prisoners into the forests near to Buchenwald, where he suspended them by their arms from trees there. The screams of the prisoners would echo across the camp, but he also executed two Austrian priests, Otto Neururer and Matthias Spannlang, by crucifying them upside down for 34 hours before they succumbed to their ordeal. He was deemed as an SS guard who was too brutal to the SS and was later sacked and forced to fight in a prisoner’s battalion on the Eastern Front for his crimes. He was later imprisoned after the war for his work at Buchenwald and also Dachau, but many of the Hangman of Buchenwald’s crimes remain untold today.” (emphasis added) 

From 5:02: A Fragment of Two Prisoners Tied to Two Trees With Arms Backward. 

So much for the description. Now we gonna look at some fragments in this video. From 5:02, we see two prisoners tied to two trees with their arms backward. A guard next to it (probably Martin Sommer himself with a whip) looks on with approval and satisfaction.  When we freeze the video and then look more closely, we see that the arms of the prisoner on the right are not attached to the tree; it seems as if he is floating in the air. The other prisoner next to him sees that his right arm is not connected to the tree. And that’s very strange. Well, what is going on here? For the truth behind this video fragment, we go to the book, 

“Forged War Crimes malign the German Nation.” (Udo Walendy).

We see this picture again in this book (written by the revisionist writer Udo Walendy), in which he exposed many faked and edited photos of the alleged atrocities committed by the guards. On page 24, Walendy gives the following description of this photo: 

“KZ-guard, victims in Buchenwald: “In the SS-government, the perfect slave system.” 

Published with this text in “Der Spiegel” 10. 10. 1966 No. 42, p. 101. 

This picture is fabricated. The lightning of the left side of the picture is definitely different from the right side. The facial contours of the prisoners are unrecognizable, whereas the contours of the “SS-unterscharführer” are visible to the last detail. Whereas the prone prisoner throws a clear shadow, the “SS-unterscharführer” casts no shadow. The upper part of the uniform of the “guard” (above the belt) does not match the lower part. The side pockets under the belt are missing; the buttoned edge of the jacked does not run correctly. from top to bottom; the left hand (right in the picture) should be in the shade, whereas it is brightly lit. An “SS-unterscharführer” was not allowed to wear officer’s trousers with boots at all; the pistol hangs on the wrong side. It is unlikely, that prisoners would be hanged from such trees, which at best would only have a hold very high in the crown, and that they would be hanged in this manner. Hanged people with pulled-up legs are not existent. In Jan. 1968, in the museum of the Dachau-Memorial, the editor could clearly see on a lifesize enlargement that they forgot to draw in the ropes in this picture by which the two “hanged prisoners” were supposed to hang. As such, they are floating in the air without ropes.” Source: “Forged War Crimes malign the German Nation” by Udo Walendy (Verlag für Volkstum und Zeitgeschichtsforschung Vlotho) 1979 (second edition 1989), page 24-25 (emphasis added) 

And here we have it; this picture was (together with numerous other photos) faked, edited to give the reader the impression that camps such as Dachau, Buchenwald (but also Auschwitz (the “mother of all death camps) were nothing more than death factories. Later on, however, Sommer was released from his guard duty and sent to the Eastern Front as punishment for his brutal crimes. But why was he punished as the camp leadership besides him were also such cruel monsters as he himself was? 

The Crucifixion of the Two Austrian Priests. 

The next thing that deserves attention here is the crucifixion of the two Austrian priests, Otto Neurener and Matthias Spannlang. As already indicated in the description, they were crucified upside down. This seems highly unlikely; because during World War One (I) it was claimed that German soldiers had crucified Canadian soldiers! This was part of an ongoing lying propaganda campaign on the part of the British government and press! Apparently, this fable was revived here to emphasize the guards’ cruelty (whether or not alleged). 

NOTE: Mr. Walendy doesn’t deny that certain crimes were committed in the camps; what he wanted to do – and has done – is to show that much of what we know about WW II and mainly the German concentration camps through photographs and film clips, among other things, turned out to be incorrect. See also: and 

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