‘What Did We Do to Deserve This?’ 10-Year-Old Girl Breaks Down Post Israeli Air Strikes | The Quint – YouTube

The recurring mantra of the American Christian Zionists (including also Dutch ones just as, for example, Dirk van Genderen and Jan van Barneveld) is now well known: “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you, I will curse.” This paragraph is part of the promises God once made to Abraham. (Genesis 12:1-3) 

To Abraham Alone. 

Reading these promises, it should be clear to anyone that they were addressed to Abraham alone. However, the American Christian Zionists (including the aforementioned Dutch ones) have applied these promises to Abraham and the Jewish people. So also to Israel and the Israeli army, responsible for the misery of this innocent Palestinian girl [along with many other Palestinians] who has found herself. 

For More Than 70 Years on End Now. 

And let’s not be mistaken here: this Palestinian tragedy has been going on for over 70 years now! Mainly this is thanks to the Christian Zionists. The “Christian Right” in America [including the Dutch ones here in the Netherlands] now forms a formidable influential political power block. 

A “Cruel Messenger.” 

But by supporting Israel and the Israeli military in this way, the Christian Zionists are “rebellious” against God. Now, let’s see what the Bible says in this regard: 

“An evil man seeketh only rebellion: therefore, a cruel messenger shall be sent against him. (Proverbs 17:11 (KJV) 

After putting up with all those Christian Zionist lies [which always label Israel as an “innocent lamb” and the Palestinians as “terrorists”] for many years, and the mercilessness and the numbness of the Christian Zionists themselves, God got tired of it too. And finally, that “cruel messenger” appeared in the form of oppressive corona measures [such as those devastating lockdowns]. Since March 2020, the whole world has been turbulent, which seems to have no end. That in addition to the Christian Zionist “rebels,” also many innocent people have to suffer these measures, which is a sad fact. 

Meanwhile, the Corona Measures Are Lifted. But Wait For the Coming “Climate Lockdowns.” 

Today, however, all those measures have been lifted. So it seems to be heading in the right direction somehow. But let’s not be mistaken: what they have in mind for us are the so-called “climate lockdowns.” And what this means is that we will be locked up at home for certain periods. And that there also might be a curfew for this. All this is meant to “save Mother Earth from “climate change.” But once that happens, the rest of the world will experience what the Palestinians have experienced for more than 70 years now: Oppression and Terror! 

Climate Lockdowns: a Grim and Pale Glimpse Into the Future. 

What could happen once those climate lockdowns were in place? Let me show you a grim and pale glimpse into the future: 

“The world is approaching a tipping point on climate change when protecting the future of civilization will require dramatic interventions. Avoiding this scenario will require a green economic transformation – and thus, a radical overhaul of corporate governance, finance, policy, and energy systems. 

Under a “climate lockdown,” governments would limit private-vehicle use, ban the consumption of red meat, and impose extreme energy-saving measures while fossil fuel companies would have to stop drilling. To avoid such a scenario, we must overhaul our economic structures and do capitalism differently.” Source: energynow.ca/2022/01/deidra-garyk-are-climate-lockdowns-ration-cards-next-no-thank-you/ 

The Main Reason: Man Has Forgotten God.

And, of course, Israel and its barbarous treatment of the Palestinians are not the only reason for God to punish the world in this way. The main reason, however, is that man has forgotten God. Look at all the things which are happening now: promotion of homosexuality, transgenderism, abortus, and euthanasia on a worldwide scale. Of course, all this (which has been going on for a long time) cannot remain without consequences. That is, we believe, the main reason why the governments of the world started to oppress each of their own people with those measures. 

The World Needs a New “Great Reset.” 

Well, what could we do about this? We cannot do much against it on our own. That’s why we need something here: new “Great Reset.” And this will have to be an evangelical “Great Reset,” which means that all peoples of the world will be beginning with a return to God. (And yes, the Christian Zionists claim to believe in God (Christ Jesus), but they have fallen away from Him because of their racist teachings). So everyone has to return to God. Because only then would God want to turn this around again. 


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