Heliosorcery (2022) | Exposing the Occult Origins of Heliocentrism | Full Documentary – YouTube

“Luther: “They should know that one word of God is all, and all are one.” If the Bible is false in one, it is false in all. If the Copernican system is correct, then Genesis is a myth. Is Scripture which has enlightened the world for thousands of years now to be eclipsed by a science which has erred so often and is altogether fallacious in so many things? Much, indeed, is at stake. Satan is bold. Let us be true philosophers and not blindly follow the teachings of either old or modern astronomers and their many wild assumptions – but let us ever follow the truth! If the above reasons enable even a single soul to throw off the shackles of mere superstitious reverence for the Copernican dogma and of blind subservience to a scientific priestcraft that abuses his authority most shamefully, the consequence for good may be incalculable.” – FE Pasche #49, 50 Reasons Copernicus Or The Bible.”

God Has Suspended The Earth Created By Him On Nothing. 

“But how is it possible that the ponderous earth can stand still, hanging on nothing, some Copernican will exclaim. Yet just that is the case, for we read Job 16, 7: “He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing.” Matthew Henry remarks in his commentary: “The vast terraqueous globe neither rests upon any pillars, not hangs upon any axle tree; and yet, by the almighty power of God, is firmly fixed in its place, poised with its own weight. The art of man could not hang a feather upon noting, yet the Divine Wisdom hangs the whole earth so. It is ponderibus librata suis – poised by its own weight, so says the poet; it is upheld by the word of God’s power, so says the apostle.” The Bible denies a motion of the earth. Ecclesiastes 1, 4: “The earth abideth (Hebrew: amad = stands, rests) forever.” Source: F. E. Pasche in his book “50 Reasons: Copernicus or the Bible” (Sacred Word Publishing) page 16. (This book is a reprint of the original publication from 1915, which was published by Morris Minn.).

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