“…A Passionate Attachment Of One Nation For Another Produces A Variety of Evils.” – George Washington, Farewell Address.

Indeed. What George Washington said in his farewell address is absolutely true. And this is especially true when it comes to the relationship between the US and Israel, as is proven in this video here. But as far as the whole thing with the USS Liberty is concerned, not everyone seems to favor this being adequately investigated. Because: 

“During the interim, the Liberty crew are called antisemitic conspiracy theorists and worse by Israeli supporters because we refused to lie about the attack. The Navy League and the American Legion have indicated they favored support for Israel by discriminating against the Liberty crew. The bottom line is that Congress’s lack of backbone to investigate the Liberty incident bolsters the bigotry we suffer.” 

Yes, Indeed: “They Please Not God And Are Contrary To All Men.”

However, it is not just during the USS Liberty case that people (in this case, the survivors of the USS Liberty crew) have been called “anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists.” This has been the case in virtually every incident in which Israel has been involved. And this is yet another confirmation of what the Apostle Paul (himself a Jew), now long ago, said about the Jews: 

“They Please Not God And Are Contrary To All Men.” (1 Thessalonians 2:15). The Dutch Revised State Translation has the following: “They Do Not Please God And Are Hostile To All Men.” 

And not only that: The same now seems to have happened with the American Legion, the Navy League, and the US Congress: they, too, have been caught on an upward whim in their fondness for Israel… 

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