Why the W.H.O. Faked a Pandemic over 10yrs ago – YouTube

Today, we are living in a global society which is interrupted by a virus, called Covid-19. It is said that this coronavirus is a “killer-virus” which already has caused the death of many. But in 2009, we had the Mexican swine flu. And back then and also now, the worldwide media came up with alarming and panic-stricken reports about a very dangerous pandemic which could destroy the lives of numerous people. In reality, however, this swine flu was just an ordinary and very mild flu.

The same happens today with the coronavirus; the Amsterdam Medical Center reported time ago that the flu epidemic of 2019-2020 left The Netherlands on March 9. This flu had lasted for just three weeks! And just as was the case in 2009 with the swine flu, the current corona-pandemic is (or was, if it even existed) just very mild. In 2009, however, we had not those stupid measures just as, for example, “social distance.” Those are draconian and, at the same time, not very effective measures. Therefore, ask yourself this question: Why would it be necessary to globally implement such strange measures against a coronavirus which probably never existed? Answer: they are meant to oppress the peoples of the world as a prelude to a transition from the old order to the New World Order. And believe it or not: We are now in the middle of it!

And could it be that the swine flu of 2009 was a “test case” set up by the elite to see how the peoples of the world would respond to it? When hey saw the peoples gave the right response to it, the elite could probably have thought, “Now we know how the peoples respond to it, let’s now prepare them to our masterpiece in the future: a “killer-virus” called Covid-19.” We believe this could have been the case.

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