Prince Charles & the Bloodline of Dracula.

As we know, Charles is now not a prince anymore; after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, he is now King Charles III. In our last post, we posted a video about Jimmy Savile. It is a revealing video in which is described who Savile really was. Regarding King Charles III, we have additional information here. It is about “Prince Charles & the Bloodline of Dracula. First of all, we can still remember the famous Dracula movies from the 70s: Dracula (who looked just human during the day but transformed into a bloodthirsty vampire at night).

Bram Stoker & Dracula. 

Thanks to author Bram Stoker, Dracula became infamous as a murdering vampire. The film “Dracula,” which was later produced, was made on the basis of his book. Later, films appeared that were a bit more professional in terms of creepiness. Here is a detailed article about Stoker and his book: We read among other things, the following:

“When Bram Stoker wrote his iconic novel, the original preface, which was published in Makt Myrkanna, the Icelandic version of the story, included this passage: “I am quite convinced that there is no doubt whatsoever that the events here described really took place, however unbelievable and incomprehensible they might appear at first sight. And I am further convinced that they must always remain to some extent incomprehensible. 

He went on to claim that many of the characters in his novel were real people: “All the people who are willingly – or unwillingly – played a part in this remarkable story are known generally and well respected. Both Jonathan Harker and his wife (who is a woman of character) and Dr. Seward are my friends and have been so for many years, and I never doubted that they were telling the truth…” 

Well, whether Mr. Stoker was right or not, the people related to Dracula most certainly are. Here is the formation:

“Two persons from Transsylvania have stood out in history for their bloodlust. Count Dracula (1431-1476) and Countess Dracula (1560-1614), cousin of the King of Poland Istvan Bathory (1575-86), who was also Prince of Transsylvania. Transsylvania is surrounded by the Transsylvanian mountains. The area was invaded by Huns, Bulgars, Mongols and others who thundered through. Later, it became a common battle ground between various enemies, the Turks, the Germans (Saxons), Hungarians (Magyars), and Rumenian peasants.

The primary royal family of Eastern Europe gave themselves the name Bathor(y) which means “valiant”. The Trassylvania ruler who was the greatest bloody tyrant was Gabriel Bathory (1608-13). Countess Dracula (written about in McNally’s book Dracula was a Woman was from that Bathory family. She appears to have been MPD” (multiple personality disorders-TN) “and lesbian. After she wholeheartedly accepted witchcraft, she tortured and sacrificed 612 girls for her sadistic pleasure and to bathe in tubs of their blood. She was assisted by two witches, Darvula and Dorottya Szentes. She loved the blood of her victims.

The German nobles in Transsylvania wrote numerous articles claiming Count Dracula drank the blood of his victims. Since they were one of the groups he disliked, no one is sure about their claims, but modern writers often misclaim that no one described Dracula as a vampire, only as a sadistic ruler who like to burn, torture & impae people. The Saxon nobles in his area certainly did.

Today, two people of note are related to Count Dracula. The heir to the original Count Dracula is Ottomar Rodolphe Vad Dracula Prince Kretzulesco. Prince Charles related to Count Dracula via Vlad IV.” Source: author Fritz Springmeier in his book “Bloodlines of the Illuminati” (Ambassador House) 2002, page 377 (emphasis added).

Now we know who and what King Charles III is. a vampire. It is not known how many victims he has already killed. But it is very likely that many more will follow….

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