“The Cover Ups of 9/11 and a Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act.” And Interview by Jerry Barrett with author, journalist and former Congressional staffer Susan Lindauer.

“Directly following the horrors of 9-11, a picture appeared on the Internet showing a devil’s face leering from the smoke and flames which emanated from WTC 2 only moments after it had been struck by Flight 175. This photo was later proven to be a hoax, but the sentiment still stands. The diabolical monsters that lurk within an insanity-laden cabal – the same ones who unleashed these attacks upon America – epitomize what we define as evil. In fact, as I watched these surreal, almost Hollywoodesque events unfold across my television screen on the morning of September 11, 2001, the lines from an old Black Sabbath song (War Pigs) kept resonating through my head:

Generals gathered in their masses. Just like witches at black masses. Evil minds that plot destruction. Sorcerers of death’s construction.

That’s what we are now confronted with (and have been facing for the past century via World War I, II, and many others) …Sickness … the sickness of warped, twisted, villainous minds right out in the open; revealed for the world to see like the stripped-bare characters in the movie They Live. Now, waging a full-scale war that had been prophesied by such luminaries as Samuel P. Huntington and Zbigniew Brzezinski was an Israeli-inspired cartel of neo-con “crazies” who had finally been commissioned by their New World Order overlords to stage a terror attack like the world had never seen before.”

Thus the words of the late Victor Thon in his book “9-11 Evil: Israel’s Central Role in the September 11, 2001, Terrorist Attacks” (Sisyphus Press) 2006, pages 1-2). This book, 121 pages in length, is packed full of information about the real perpetrators behind the attacks and why they happened. One of the reasons was, of course, to justify the war of America against Iraq.

Power of Prophecy: Jerry Barret Interviews Ms. Susan Lindauer. 

In connection with this, we refer to the interview Jerry Barrett had with Ms. Susan Lindauer about her story of “The Cover Ups of 9/11 and a Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act.” Go to texemarrs.com and listen to this remarkable interview.

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