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Foxman, ADL Holodomor-deniers trying to bully Christian Ukrainians

Already for many years now, the Anti-Defamation League and its director, Abraham Foxman, is one of those Jewish organizations which receives compensations for what (allegedly) happened during WW II: the holocaust committed by Hitler and Nazi-Germany. Wouldn’t be a very good thing, therefore, to compensate the Ukrainian government for the gruesome Holodomor which was committed by Jewish Bolshevists under Josef Stalin? Yes, of course, it would be a good decision to make. But that was not in the mind of Foxman when he visited Ukraine. He had something else in mind. Read this post and watch the video and you will be a witness of the brazen hypocrisy of Foxman & the ADL…

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The Holodomor of  1932-33 was the purposeful and deadly starvation of the resisting Ukrainian peasants against the collectivization policies of commie big man, Josef Stalin as he ran the USSR with an iron fist.

Abe Foxman the head of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the world’s largest advocate for Israel and fighting “snti-semitism” meets with Ukrainian president Yushchenko’s advisors and warns them not to compare the two genocides – the Holodomor and the Holocaust. Technically, since both Arabs and Jews are both semites from the common root of Abraham, being an anti-semite also means one has a animus against Arabs, not only Jews, solely due to ethnicity.

Listen to the arrogant Foxman, who likes to threaten many heads of state on a regular basis including the Holy Father:

The term Holodomor refers specifically to the brutal artificial famine imposed by communist-marxist Stalin’s regime on Soviet Ukraine and primarily ethnically Ukrainian areas…

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